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Insuring Your Classic Vehicle

DeLorean Classic Car

If you’re like most classic car buffs, the vehicles you so carefully maintain and display can seem like second children for whose care no expense can be too great. In providing them with the greatest amount of protection, however, does your concern extend to the quality of their auto insurance coverage?

Classic cars are unlike any others, and standard auto insurance coverage may never be sufficient. That’s because unlike the everyday variety, the classic cars gain in value every day you own them. You need to be sure that your car insurance levels meet their needs, and a standard policy is rarely your best bet. In fact, it will usually cost you more than you’d pay for classic car insurance.

What Makes a Car a Classic?

It doesn’t take much time at a classic car show to realize that the category encompasses a wide range of vehicles of every age and type. In truth, your car could qualify for classic or antique auto insurance if it is:

  • At least 25 years old.
  • A hotrod.
  • A luxury model.
  • A vintage motorcycle, truck or tractor.
  • Worth more today than the day that you bought it.

However, your vehicle’s specifics alone may not be enough to put it in the running. It would also need to meet criteria that include:

  • Limited use. Your specialized policy will not permit you to use your classic car as a daily means of transportation. It may also impose mileage limitations even to the point of insisting that you also own a standard vehicle for primary use.
  • Sheltered storage. Most classic car policies will insist that you store your car in a private, locked and enclosed location. The curb or even your driveway will never make the grade.
  • Classic car meets and antique auto shows. Despite their limited-mileage provisions, most classic car policies will allow you to drive your vehicle to meets and exhibitions. Nevertheless, if such travel will involve having the vehicle on the road for an excessive number of miles, it’s important to double-check the travel restrictions on any policy in which you have an interest.
  • Your driving record. Unless your driver’s license is entirely point-free, insurers may eliminate you as a prospect for classic auto insurance. If you have a history of speeding, accidents or driving under the influence, you may be out of luck for obvious reasons.
  • Your vehicle’s qualifications. Some insurers will decline vintage coverage to off-road vehicles or to those that are currently in less-than-optimal condition.

Obtaining the Correct Level of Auto Insurance

Before purchasing the amount of auto insurance that meets your needs, you need to determine your classic car’s actual value. You can often find this in the blue books, online databases, auction house records and the classifieds. An understanding of current pricing standards will better position you to insure the members of your classic car collection.

Of course, the more valuable the car, the more you will want to have it serviced or restored at a dedicated auto shop. The specialized service and parts you’ll require are bound to cost a bit more than you’d pay at your everyday auto repair facility, and you’ll want to be sure that the policy you choose will cover such expenses. Most classic car insurance policies will.

How All Kinds of Insurance Can Help

Given the wide variety of antique, vintage and classic cars currently making the auto show rounds, it can be hard to find the insurance that best meets your needs. At All Kinds of Insurance, we travel that tricky road in your place, scouring our vast network of insurers to come up with the perfect auto policy for you. Call us today at 702-534-4697.

Why pay a higher price for standard auto insurance when classic car insurance will do? When you deal with All Kinds of Insurance, you save yourself time and effort while obtaining the classic car coverage you need at a price that makes the most sense.