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Commercial Auto Insurance

Las Vegas Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto InsuranceIf you regularly climb behind the wheel of a small sedan, a delivery van, a food truck or a semi and use it even part-time for business purposes, you’ll want to protect both it and yourself with commercial auto insurance. This special type of policy exists for one reason: to guard your company against any financial loss following the involvement of one of its vehicles in an accident. In fact, if your business entails hauling cargo for clients in the state of Nevada, such coverage is mandatory.

Why You Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Many people assume that because they or their employees use company vehicles for personal as well as for business purposes, any ordinary auto insurance will do. This will not always be true. If one of these vehicles should meet with an accident while traveling the roadways in commercial mode, the insurance company that issued that inadequate policy may easily refuse to honor your claim.

What Makes a Vehicle Commercial?

In the simplest sense, any vehicle qualifies as commercial when used for something other than personal reasons. Nothing about its weight, height, size, type or wheel count will exclude it from consideration. Buses, delivery trucks, service vans and more can all fit the description if their drivers are using them to transport cargo or people while engaged in a business operation.

The Protections of Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are a business owner, you stand a far greater chance of facing legal action following an accident than does a private individual. To make matters worse, the monetary amount of any judgment against you is likely to be much higher. Commercial auto insurance mitigates the financial risk you assume when you or your employees drive any of your vehicles for business purposes.

Commercial Auto Coverage in Nevada

Nevada state law mandates that your commercial auto insurance coverage include:

  • Bodily injury liability. Nevada insists upon this coverage to handle your legal expenses and settlement costs if someone should decide to sue your business after an accident with one of your company vehicles.
  • Property damage liability. Also required by the state laws of Nevada, this insurance will cover a certain portion of repair costs to the vehicle and property of someone with whom your means of commercial transport has been in a crash.

Nevada also requires freight deliverers to carry cargo coverage of at least $5,000. Unfortunately, this amount may not go very far. If your employees haul valuable items on a regular basis, you might want to purchase a greater amount.

Business owners can also benefit by including:

  • Collision coverage to assist in repairing or replacing your own property following an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage to mitigate the cost of damage caused by storm, theft or vandalism not related to a highway crash.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to pay your repair costs and hospital expenses if an uncovered driver should hit your commercial vehicle.
  • Medical payments coverage to handle the medical and possible funeral costs of either yourself or an employee following an accident in one of your company’s cars or trucks.

Other options include protection against cargo-loading injuries or trailer damage due to accident, theft or vandalism.

Getting the Best Deal on Commercial Auto Insurance

Not all vehicles require the protection of commercial auto insurance. For some, business-rated personal auto insurance will do the trick. Furthermore, the policy that suits one company may prove entirely inappropriate for another.

That’s where the experts at All Kinds of Insurance can lend a hand. In addition to helping determine the type that fits you best, our professionals will shop the various agencies to see that you get it at the best rate possible. Call us at 702-534-4697 or click on “Get a Quote” and see how quick and easy the process can be.