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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Las VegasWhether you’re finally investing in the motorcycle of your dreams or just reconsidering your current coverage, you want to be sure that the motorcycle insurance you purchase offers adequate protection while remaining kind to your wallet. At All Kinds of Insurance, we can help you obtain the coverage you need at a price you feel is fair.

Here are the things you’ll need to consider.

Liability Coverage

Mandated by the laws of almost every state, liability motorcycle insurance has but one purpose in mind: to reimburse all innocent parties for damages suffered in an accident caused by the policyholder. It covers nothing else.

Optional Protection

Most motorcyclists consider liability insurance to be little more than a bare-bones necessity. If you, like many others, prefer to round out your coverage, you have the option of choosing from:

  • Accessory coverage. In choosing this option, you are insuring against the loss of any custom parts and accessories with which you’ve improved your bike.
  • Collision coverage. This defends both you and your vehicle against damages resulting from an impact.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive guards against losses resulting from vandalism, theft and falling objects.
  • Medical payment coverage. In the event that an accident should result in your personal injury, this will help to satisfy your doctor and hospital bills.
  • Personal injury protection. In no-fault states, PIP coverage assists with your medical costs regardless of whether the accident was or was not your fault.
  • Roadside assistance. In the event your motorcycle becomes disabled, this option will help cover your towing and labor costs.
  • Protection against uninsured and underinsured motorists. This can be of invaluable assistance to anyone involved in an accident with an uncovered motorist or one whose insurance is inadequate.

While not everyone will want or need all of these additional forms of motorcycle insurance, most will pose a benefit to some.

Comparisons of Motorcycle and Auto Insurance

Many who already pay high auto insurance premiums are surprised to learn that motorcycle insurance will normally cost them a good deal less. The reasons for this are simple. Motorcycles are both cheaper to replace and less likely to cause extensive damage. In addition, some insurers offer a lay-up plan that allows riders to save on premium costs by putting their payments on hold during winter months when they won’t be using their bikes.

On the other side of the coin, however, motorcycle riders must remember that they and their passengers are in far greater danger than motorists are of suffering personal injury. For this reason, the cost of a cyclist’s personal bodily insurance is sure to surpass that paid by the driver of any type or size of automobile.

Getting a Motorcycle Insurance Quote

When you contact All Kinds of Insurance for your quote, you’ll want to come prepared with:

  • A description of the bike’s make, model, age, condition and mileage.
  • Details of your current coverage, if any.
  • Information concerning any training courses you’ve taken or safety devices you’ve installed. These may qualify you for safe-driver discounts.

This information will enable us to find you the policy that best suits your needs.

Let All Kinds of Insurance Help You Save

Few people have either the time or the inclination to shop around for the best deal in motorcycle insurance. As a result, many wind up paying more than they should for coverage that is either excessive or inadequate for their needs.

At All Kinds of Insurance, this is never an issue. That’s because we do the legwork for you. Just tell us what you need, and we will be more than happy find you the motorcycle insurance that you can’t resist, at a price that’s sure to please.

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