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Autopilot Seems Great, But What Will It Mean for Your Insurance?

If you’re like many motorists, then you can’t wait for the self-driving future. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to savor the last few moments of liberty before going to work or hoping to appreciate the scenery on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation: Autopilot technologies promise to help you make the most […]

Do I need a Business Owner's Insurance Policy (BOP)?

The entrepreneur who takes the chance of running a business without benefit of appropriate insurance coverage might soon find him or herself in serious hot water. A business owner’s policy, familiarly known as a BOP, can save the day in numerous ways. This type of coverage can be of use […]

What Auto Insurance Is Required by Law?

Auto insurance exists to protect vehicles and their drivers from financial loss that results from theft, collision and damage of any kind to property and human life. Unless you are a resident of Mississippi, New Hampshire or Virginia, the law will insist that you purchase auto liability insurance, and although […]

My Auto Insurance Lapsed! What Do I Do?

It might have been nothing more than oversight on your part. Maybe a major lifestyle change or a lack of available funds has forced you into the situation. Regardless of the ultimate reason behind it, a lapse in auto insurance coverage can cost you in more ways than one. In […]

My Car Was Stolen At My Home. Does Home or Auto Insurance Cover It?

Your homeowners insurance will cover a multitude of situations. In addition to protecting you against loss by fire, hail, lightning or vandalism, some policies will in some cases defend against the theft of your personal possessions. Would the same be true of your personal automobile if a thief should back […]