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Every asset of your business represents an investment, so it is crucial to keep them protected. Your company’s plans for risk mitigation should include various types of insurance to cover all of your assets. This includes insurance for general liability, commercial auto, cyber liability, commercial property, and so on. Also, some types of insurance are required by law, such as worker’s compensation insurance. In the event of a liability suit, you want to make sure you are protected, which is why All Kinds of Insurance will work with you to find the best coverage for your business’s needs.

General Liability

Liability costs can have a serious impact on your business, but it can be almost impossible to plan for every possibility. General liability insurance can protect your business from a wide array of claims, such as those arising from property damage, personal injury, slander, libel, copyright infringement, and so on. In order to minimize the risk that any of these claims could pose to your bottom line, we can show you how to protect your business with the best general liability coverage available, including multiple add-on endorsements for added protection.

Commercial Auto

Whether you have a car for business use or a fleet of delivery vehicles, commercial auto insurance (or in certain cases, personal auto rated for business use) can help you protect your investment. Some of the types of coverage offered include Hired and Non Owned and Motor Cargo. And we can help you get liability coverage up to $1 million depending on your needs. The precise coverage you need depends on the size of your business and the use of your commercial vehicles. We will work with you to get the most appropriate coverage for your company’s vehicles.

Worker’s Compensation

Nevada law requires your business to have worker’s compensation insurance. This provides coverage for your employees in the event that they are injured or fall ill while working for you. Coverage includes lost income and rehabilitation, medical expenses, and survivor benefits. At All Kinds of Insurance, we can help you find the best policy you need to continue operating legally while minimizing the impact to your bottom line.

Commercial Property

Your business’s commercial property is a very large investment, so protecting it is key to mitigating risk. With All Kinds of insurance, you can get coverage for your commercial property, whether that’s an office building, school, apartment, warehouse, or other type of structure. In addition to insuring your property itself, we can also provide coverage for General Liability for the Premise, Loss of Rental Income, and other items. To minimize the risks your commercial property poses to your bottom line, let us help you get the right coverage.

Cyber Liability

Keeping your data secure should be a top priority for your business, but just as important is having a plan for mitigating the damage caused if that data is compromised. In order to protect your business in the event of a security breach, contact us for help getting the right insurance policy. There are many types of coverages available for cyber liability, including First & Third Party Protection, Loss of Digital Assets, Cyber Extortion, Employee Privacy Liability, Public Relations Expense Coverage, and more.

Special Events

Trade shows, corporate events, and other special events can help your business put strategic plans into action and gain the public exposure it needs. However, most venues require your company to have special event insurance. In order to maximize your range of possibilities as well as keep you protected from liabilities associated with special events, contact us to help you get the coverage you need.

Surety Bonds

Our professionals write a wide variety of surety bonds, including sales tax bonds and notary bonds, among others. Whatever your company’s needs are, we are able to issue the bonds required.

When it comes to keeping your business’s assets protected, All Kinds of Insurance is your resource for getting the best coverage available with the least overhead possible. For more information or to get a quote, call 702-534-4697 for fast, simple assistance.