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Las Vegas Renter’s / Tenant Insurance

Renters InsuranceIf you are renting an apartment or living as a tenant under someone else’s roof, you might think that your landlord’s insurance will cover any losses to your personal possessions. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only way this could possibly occur is if the damage in question resulted from a hazardous situation of which the property owner was already aware but for some reason failed to correct. Otherwise, it’s every tenant for himself.

When the Tenant Is On His Own

While all Nevada property owners have a legal responsibility to carry insurance on any buildings in which renters reside, this means only that they must cover the structures themselves. That protection does not extend to anything belonging to their tenants. Moreover, if a guest should injure himself while visiting your apartment, the responsibility for his legal and medical bills could fall squarely on your shoulders. Unless you carry adequate renters insurance, this could land you in serious financial difficulties.

What Renters Insurance Will Do

Most renters or tenants insurance will do more than simply protect the contents of your apartment. Many policies offer liability coverage to safeguard your interests if someone should suffer an injury while inside your residence. Additional coverage will protect you in the face of damage caused by:

  • Electrical surges
  • Explosions
  • Falling objects
  • Hailstones
  • Ice, sleet or snow
  • Lightning strikes
  • Smoke or fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Water
  • Windstorms

Many such policies will also cover your off-site living expenses should your apartment become temporarily uninhabitable and protect your belongings if someone should steal them from your car or place of business. In view of the breadth of this coverage, many are surprised to learn that renters or tenants insurance can be relatively inexpensive.

Choosing the Right Renter Insurance Policy

Prior to deciding on the policy you need, you’ll want to take stock of what you currently own. In addition to listing each item along with its associated value, it can help to supplement that information with photographs and videos. Once you’ve calculated the total worth of your belongings, you will have a better idea of the type of policy to purchase.

To provide yourself with complete protection, it’s best to purchase liability coverage. This will help pay for the legal and medical costs of anyone who should meet with accidental harm while working in or visiting your apartment.

Can My Landlord Demand That I Purchase Insurance?

Yes, it is legal to do this in the state of Nevada. If your own negligence or that of your visitors should result in damage to the apartment, the landlord will hold you responsible. Even worse, if fire or flooding has played a role in causing the devastation, you could find yourself in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars. After the property owner has sued you to recoup the amount of his deductible, his own insurance company might insist that you reimburse it as well for the funds they paid out on the property owner’s claim. Without the protection of renters insurance, you could find yourself sitting in a deep financial hole from which you might never climb out.

How All Kinds of Insurance Can Help

When you purchase your tenants policy through All Kinds of Insurance, you’ll be dealing with professionals who not only recognize the unique nature of everyone’s requirements but also realize that most individuals have neither the time nor the inclination to shop around for the best insurance deal.

That’s why we’re in business. By sifting through the many choices available, we will ferret out the coverage that suits you best while availing you of special discounts that only renters can enjoy. You can trust All Kinds of Insurance to obtain for you the quality coverage on which you can depend both now and in the future. Call today for a speedy quote. You’ll be glad you did.