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Screening for the Affordable Care Act

Scammers would seem to be everywhere these days, and the Affordable Care Act’s special enrollment periods are presenting some new and interesting ways for some of them to game the system. So interesting are these schemes, in fact, that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have decided the time […]

United Healthcare Health Insurance Staying in Nevada

United Healthcare will soon curtail its participation in the federal health care system. Their reason for this is simple: They are losing too much money. United Healthcare currently competes in Affordable Care Act exchanges in 34 states, one of which is California. In January of 2016, however, the health insurance […]

How do I know if My Prescription Drugs are Covered by My Health Insurance?

When your very well-being hinges upon the availability of one or more prescription drugs, you need to know whether the health insurance plan to which you are drawn is willing to cover their cost. While you always have the right to purchase your medication out of pocket, many of the […]

HMO, PPO, and POS differences?

Do you know the difference between a PPO, an HMO, and a POS? If so, congratulations are in order. Most people have only a vague idea. While all are types of health insurance coverage, they contrast in ways that may not mean a lot to you until you find yourself […]

Nevada Health Co-Op is terminating all of their plans as of 12/31/15

Nevada Health Co-Op is terminating all of their plans as of 12/31/15 as well as ceasing all business operations. If you currently have coverage with Nevada Health Co-Op, you will be able to keep it through the end of the year. All Kinds of Insurance will be able to enroll […]