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Health Insurance Alert!Las Vegas Metro Chamber Members

Do you currently have health insurance through the Las Vegas Metro Chamber? Things are changing for 2015 and the Chamber’s price advantage over other plans is ending. Rest assured your health insurance coverage is not ending, just the type of plan you are on. The carriers, Sierra Health & Life and Health Plan of Nevada are converting these plans over to the closest benefit plan that you have currently. You will also have the option to upgrade or downgrade your current coverage as you see necessary for your business and employees. You will be receiving a 40+ page renewal offer in the mail very soon. We can explain all of your options to you and assist you in making the right decision for your business.

If you happen to be a sole proprietor that has a group of only 2 people that was grandfathered in over the years you will be losing your group coverage all together in 2015 as it technically is no longer considered a group. In that case in order to maintain coverage you will need to switch to an individual plan for which you may even qualify for a subsidy to help you pay for your new insurance. All Kinds of Insurance represents all of the carriers and plans here in Southern Nevada and can provide you coverage that meet your needs and budget. In most cases we will also be able to save you at least $500 a year.

Call us today at 702-534-4697 to schedule an appointment to review your current plan and let us show you all of your new options.