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When to Put Someone on Your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Las VegasMost auto insurance policies differ from their life or health insurance counterparts in one important aspect: Unless the people who carry them live alone and have specified otherwise, most have one or more implicit coverages factored into their cost. Yours is likely to be the same, but despite protecting you from certain liabilities, this type of provision will not necessarily absolve you of legal or financial accountability. If you desire complete protection, you must consider specifically adding to your policy anyone who might conceivably drive your car.

The Legal Implications

All auto insurance companies expect you to inform them of every licensed driver in your household who could potentially find him or herself behind the wheel of your car. If you neglect to do this, the company will not only deny any claims that accrue directly from the actions of these unnamed people but could also drop you from their rolls entirely. Such a cancellation will put you in a poor position for obtaining a new policy at a reasonable price.

It gets worse. Failure to list all potential drivers makes you technically guilty of insurance fraud. This will leave you open to criminal liability and at risk for potential lawsuits.

Adding a Roommate to Your Auto Policy

If you expect that your boyfriend, girlfriend or other unrelated person with whom you reside will ever drive your car, you must name them on your auto policy. Most insurance companies will insist that you do this, but unless you expect such roommates to use your car on a regular basis, you can list them as occasional drivers only. This will save you money.

Adding a Teenager to Your Auto Policy

The addition of a dependent child to your auto insurance policy is another action that calls for manual intervention on your part. Unfortunately, doing so will not come cheaply. Although the tab will differ from one policy to the next, you can expect your annual premiums to rise between $800 and $1,500 for every teenager you include.

Adding a Non-Resident to Your Auto Policy

As Las Vegas residents, we know that we get a lot of visits from out of state family and friends. When purchasing an auto insurance policy, you can also choose to cover a licensed adult who does not live under your roof. By specifying the alternate residence and listing the person as an occasional driver, you can lower your costs substantially. Before you turn over the keys, though, you’ll want to make sure that the person in question possesses non-owner insurance of his own. This is for your own protection.

The Problem of Adding Riskier Drivers

When you apply for auto insurance, you can expect to face questions about the age and driving record of every person in your household. The addition of a driver under 25 years of age will raise your premiums substantially, especially if that driver happens to be male. The same is true of anyone whose driving record happens to be less than pristine. Tickets and accidents accrued within the past three years are sure to count against them. The listing of any bad driver will most likely land your policy in the “high risk” category and send your premiums through the roof.

If the addition of such a household member would make your policy unaffordable, you might want to consider specifically excluding that person from coverage. While some insurance companies will fight you on this, they will sometimes relent if that individual normally drives his own car and carries his own insurance.

Buying Car Insurance the Intelligent Way

Adding even one new person to your auto insurance policy is bound to change your premium. That’s why it pays to get quotes from a variety of different insurers. Fortunately, the experts at All Kinds of Insurance are here to help. With our extensive contacts and in-depth knowledge of the auto insurance industry, we can shop the market to get you the policy you need at the premium you want to pay.

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