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Has your company suffered a data breach? Would you be aware if it had? When hackers stole the debit and credit card data of 56 million Home Depot customers between April and September of 2014, they succeeded in officially pulling off the largest data breach of its time. Surprisingly, for
To some, health insurance may seem like a financial burden. When you are self-employed, under-employed, or young and healthy, you might think that passing on health insurance could save you money. However, this is almost always not the case. Out-of-pocket costs for even the most basic medical needs like medication
In recent years many people have been foregoing health insurance because of financial worries. Unfortunately, living without health insurance can be incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons, making it imperative to obtain a policy as soon as possible. Young people in their twenties and thirties who are in good
Everyone who has a vehicle registered in the state of Nevada must carry auto insurance. If you do not have auto insurance for as little as one day the Department of Motor Vehicles can fine you $250. The fines can be as high as $1750. Not all auto insurance coverage

Health Insurance Alert!Las Vegas Metro Chamber Members

Posted by Jeremy Shugarman on  September 20, 2014
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Do you currently have health insurance through the Las Vegas Metro Chamber? Things are changing for 2015 and the Chamber’s price advantage over other plans is ending. Rest assured your health insurance coverage is not ending, just the type of plan you are on. The carriers, Sierra Health & Life